The 2015 Honda Civic Type-R for Europe will be fitted with a 2-liter direct-injection turbocharged engine and will deliver at least 280 PS. Honda Motor Europe President Manabu Nishimae at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show revealed this.

The Japanese automaker is aiming to make the next-generation Civic Type-R the fastest front-wheel drive car to lap the infamous Nurburgring in Germany. Honda says it will take another 2 years to complete development of its new ‘hot hatch’ before it begins sales in 2015. The car is currently undergoing track testing as part of the development program.

“We have recently spent a week at the Nurburgring, carrying out extensive testing and we are on target, and have already set a time approaching the lap record,” says Nishimae.

The Honda Civic Type-R is being developed in Europe after the Japanese automaker decided to drop the Civic badge in Japan. It has not yet announced however which markets the new Type-R will be made available.