Frankfurt 2013: Jaguar C-X17 Sports Crossover Concept


The first aluminium monocoque Jaguar product in the segment

Jaguar reveals its first sports crossover concept vehicle in Frankfurt today. Named the C-X17, the crossover concept was created to introduce the brand’s aluminum monocoque architecture. This new architecture will be the framework for new Jaguar models. Developments such as this will allow flexible high-volume production while allowing creative design freedom and competitive interior packaging.

The C-X17 concept showcases the range of vehicles that can be produced from the new architecture. The four-seater crossover offers refined on-road dynamics with sedan-like handling. This driving experience is credited to a low center of gravity and Torque Vectoring by Braking.

Measuring 4,718 mm long, 1,959 mm wide, and 1,649 mm tall, its design resembles the traits of the current Jaguar line-up.  The low stance is complemented by 23” alloy wheels for an aggressive look. The LED headlights, running lights, and frosted-glass fog lights adds more personality to the C-X17. The interior uses authentic materials and traditional craftsmanship. It also features the Interactive Surface Console that allows an interactive multi-passenger infotainment hub.

Future Jaguar models, such as this concept, will be powered by engines with a wide range of capacities and outputs. Jaguar aims to break the 100g CO2/km barrier for the first time with its four-cylinder gasoline and diesel engines. It will only a matter of time when these new models emerge from the Jaguar production plants.

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