Frankfurt 2013 Preview: Kia Niro Concept to be unveiled


New Kia European concept might be a possible B-segment contender

Kia has confirmed that the Kia Niro, a new European concept, is bound to be unveiled in Frankfurt this September. The new concept is a possible future B-segment contender developed for the modern urban environment. The car was designed at Kia’s Frankfurt design studio under the direction of Chief Designer for Europe Gregory Guillaume.

The Niro combines a ‘mischievous’ character paired with a stylish body shape that makes use of contrasting materials in compact, purposeful dimensions.

Kia’s design explores new compact car options for drivers that have size issues. With that concern in mind, the Kia equipped the Niro with elements not associated with smaller cars and European touches.

The Frankfurt debut will be used to gauge potential market reception for future models.

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