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Frankfurt 2013 Preview: Lexus LF-NX answers the mid-size crossover vision


The crossover is powered by the Lexus Hybrid Drive system tuned for SUVs

The Lexus LF-NX is the brand’s new mid-size crossover concept bound for a Frankfurt debut this September. The new concept SUV reinforces the Lexus leadership in hybrid power in the premium market. Its Lexus Hybrid Drive full hybrid system has been tweaked to suit SUV performance.

The LF-NX’s styling showcases a further evolution of the ‘L-finesse’ design language incorporated in  the current Lexus line-up.  The front fascia displays a prominent spindle grille and the signature headlight arrangement with daytime running lights positioned independently.

The body was styled with distinctive front corners and muscular wheel arches among others to create an athletic image while maintaining the distinct Lexus profile. At the rear, the taillights creates a sharp, aerodynamic trailing edge that mirrors its front wing design.


The concept is being presented in a new Brushed Metal Silver exterior finish recreating the impression of the vehicle having been carved out of a solid metal. The interior also projects the same design with an ergonomic cockpit.

Following the ‘Human Oriented’ element of the ‘L-finesse’ design, the dashboard is divided between an upper display zone and lower operation zone. This allows interaction with the concept’s next generation technology that includes touch-sensitive electrostatic switches and a new touchpad Remote Touch Interface design.

With the new crossover model going out this month, it is only a matter of time when Lexus determines if it has successfully steered a trend among hybrid SUVs or not.

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