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Frankfurt 2013 Preview: Peugeot 208 Hybrid FE concept official photos revealed


French lion will roar with new hybrid hot hatch concept

Peugeot 208 Hybrid FE concept will make its debut in Frankfurt next month. The project developed by Peugeot and Total is a product of development by the French companies and participation in endurance racing with the 908 HDi FAP LMP1 racecar from 2005 to 2011.

Stylish yet efficient


Fluidic design that is stylish and functional has provided a 25% of Cd through optimization of the radiator grill and bodywork, specially developed Michelin Tall&Narrow tires with functional 19-inch allow wheels, and specially designed LED headlamps with vertical fins to further minimize air flow turbulence.

Starting from an already light weight of 975kg, the 208 further receives a 20% diet from the use of composite materials to replace body panels and floor while retaining its metal structure. Front and rear windscreens were also replaced with polycarbonate. The suspension is also lightened by using a pseudo MacPherson suspension with a ‘glass fiber resin’ composite transverse-located blade.

Efficient powertrain

Under the hood is heavily modified version of the 3-cylinder engine combined with a battery and an electric motor from Peugeot Sport’s endurance racing program. The displacement is bumped up to 1.2-liters, improved engine thermo-management, friction loss reduction, direct injection and a high compression ratio of 16:1 to produce 68 PS while consuming 10% less fuel. The electric motor provides another 40 PS of power and 30 Nm of torque capable of functioning in full ZEV (Zero Emission Vehicle) mode. The 208 Hybrid FE can accelerate from 0-100km/h in 8 seconds with CO2 emissions of just 49g/km.

“The challenge of this project consisted of combining engine optimization (reciprocating gears, cylinder head, etc.) and optimizing the flow of energy between the internal combustion engine and the electric motor. All of the solutions can potentially be carried over to production.” Julien Lidsky, Manager, 208 HYbrid FE Powertrain, PEUGEOT Sport.

The efficient engine is mated to a modified five-speed gearbox with reduced friction and lubricant to prevent further energy losses. The reverse gear and starter has been removed to reduce weight with the electric motor handling the reverse function by reversing the motion and functions as a starter as well.

The energy regeneration works differently from conventional forms where hydraulic braking and the electric motor works at the same time. With the new system, the vehicle is slowed down primarily by the electric motor either by releasing the accelerator or through braking to maximize energy recovery. The hydraulic braking only comes in at the end of the braking phase, recovering as much as 25% more energy.

Seats five yet remains efficient

With the goal of seating five comfortably with luggage, only air conditioning was removed for fuel efficiency purposes from the otherwise standard interior of the 208. Door trim pads are made from composites with natural fibers to save weight and lower carbon footprint while still maintaining rigidity.

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