It seems Suzuki is joining the tease-before-you-release game, as the Japanese automaker just made the initial images of their upcoming concept: the Suzuki iV-4 Compact SUV Concept.

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The images Suzuki released show the silhouette of the vehicle from the front and side, showcasing some LED details, the grille, and the shape of the headlamps, as well as the proportions of the body. There are no specifics yet (engines, platform, unibody or body on frame, size, etc) from Suzuki surrounding the iV-4 other than the clamshell bonnet, the 5 section grille, and that it will be on display at the Frankfurt Auto Show (65th IAA) from September 10 to 22.

What's interesting is that in the teaser release, Suzuki indicated that the iV-4 compact SUV concept is a 'future model to be added to the company’s renowned SUV line-up', perhaps hinting that the production model could be an entirely new nameplate to join the SX4 Crossover, Grand Vitara and the Jimny.

The buzz surrounding the iV-4 is that it will be a Nissan Juke (not offered here) fighter as it is smaller than the recently launched, new generation SX-4 Crossover in Europe. Being smaller, the iV-4's production version that's rumored for a 2015 release could mean it will compete against the upcoming Ford EcoSport B-segment SUV.

Either way, the B-segment SUV category could get interesting over the next few years.