Peugeot decided to give its new 308 hatchback a performance treatment. The result is the Peugeot 308 R Concept. Powered by RCZ R’s 1.6 liter engine, it is capable of producing 274 PS and maintaining 145 g/km of CO2 emission.

"The new Peugeot 308, with its pure and sleek style, is a hatchback which carries the Marque's upmarket ambitions. The 308 R Concept radicalizes this boldness and enriches the expertise of Peugeot Sport to obtain extreme sensations," said Director General Maxime Picat.

The 308 R Concept was designed for performance despite inheriting a more pacified structure. Its wide track sits close to the road at 26 mm while the toned bodywork reiterates its purpose. With a predominantly carbon fiber structure, the only panels left of the original 308 are the roof and tailgate. This light body rolls on with 19” bespoke wheels.

The new Peugeot i-Cockpit in the 308 is retained for the 308 R Concept. It allows the driver clear and simple control over the car. The comfort and ease provided by the feature complements the performance treatment of the car. Peugeot Sport has developed the drivetrain and suspension to equally match the 274 PS RCZ R engine powering the car. To further improve handling capabilities, the 308 R Concept uses  Alcon discs and four-piston calipers for its braking system.

The performance concept will join the new Peugeot 308 during the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show.