Toyota earlier revealed a teaser badge for its new Hybrid-R Concept which immediately started rumors about the return of the Supra or reveal of its successor. A new teaser image as well as a statement from Toyota has dispelled these rumors about the Frankfurt-bound concept car.

“Hybrid-R is based on a current Toyota production model and is equipped with a powertrain that features similar technology to that used by Toyota Racing’s TS030 Hybrid race car,” said Toyota in the statement.

With some tweaking with an image editing software, we were able to confirm the base of the concept as the Euro market Yaris Hybrid launched in Geneva last year.

Toyota Yaris Hybrid

The new concept car will have a combined power output of 405 PS from the high-power internal combustion engine and electric motors.It will feature a dual-mode control to customize performance for their road or track. The standard Yaris Hybrid produces 100 PS.