Toyota has decided to bring the Hybrid-R Concept out of the shadows nearly a week after its latest teaser was photoshopped to reveal its identity. As discovered last week, the new concept will be based on a Yaris 3-door hatchback dispelling rumors of a Supra successor arriving this soon.

Powering the Hybrid-R will be a 1.6-liter GRE (Global Race Engine) developed by Toyota Motorsports. The engine is combined with two hybrid motors for both rear wheels giving it all-wheel drive capability and a power output of 405 PS.

The hybrid system is based on the TS030 race car's regenerative braking which stores energy in a super capacitor, a unit that's particularly suitable for use in a sports car thanks to its high power density and quick charge and discharge speeds.

Toyota boasts that the new Hybrid-R Concept to be "a highly focused machine, designed to deliver the maximum driving pleasure, both on road and track."