The smart fourjoy makes its Frankfurt debut on September 10. What is unique about this compact vehicle concept is that it has no doors, no rear window, an an open roof. This unusual design projects the brand’s vision of a new smart car generation for an urban life.

The compact car measures 3,494 mm long, 1,978 wide, and 1494 tall. To pair with its small frame, the smart fourjoy is powered by a state-of-the-art electric drive with a 75 PS magneto-electric motor. The motor gets its electricity from a 17.6 kWh lithium-ion battery that charges for 7 hours if completely empty. Charging can be done through a household socket or public charging station. But there is also a faster charging alternative (less than an hour) if the 22kW on-board charger and a rapid charging cable are used.

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Without the doors, the smart joy’s interior can easily be noticed. The car uses futuristic front seats and a rear bench seat reminiscent of modern lounge furnitures. Both the seas and the instrument panels are supported by a continuous central design. The instrument panel’s honeycomb structure that gives an impression of depth. Moreover, the smart fourjoy has two longboards and helmets to allow emission-free travel for short distances.

The brand is still continuing their development for smart cars. With a growing study for such cars, how long will it take for the smart fourjoy to break into the mainstream market.