Tradition and emotion are the key elements in the design of the Mercedes-Benz Concept S-Class Coupe. The model was just launched in Frankfurt yesterday to give the world a preview of how the next Mercedez-Benz models will be designed.

The designers aimed to create clear contours and smooth surfaces that emphasized technology while retaining an emotional appeal to the people. The move has been described as a bridge between modernity and avant-garde.

The concept coupe measures 5,050 mm long, 1,958 mm wide, and 1,409 mm tall. This body is powered by a 4.6 liter V8 Biturbo engine capable of 461 PS and 700 Nm of torque distributed to 21” rear wheels. Enhancements to its drivability is aided by the ‘Intelligent Drive’ technology.  It uses a stereo camera that can get a three-dimensional view of the area up to about 50 meters in front of the vehicle. The camera can also detect the position and movement of objects with a monitoring range of up to 500 meters. Furthermore, the car is equipped with a navigation system based on the Garmin NaviCore to help the driver during trips.

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Aside from aiding the driver, the stereo camera also feeds information to the Road Surface Scan. With it, the new concept can detect surface inconsistencies in advance. These readings are then transmitted to trigger the Magic Body Control to adjust the suspension according to the imminent situation.

Inside the car, one can find 12.3” screens with an aspect ratio of 8:3. In the center console, a touch screen displays four world clocks that can be set to feature times in different countries. The clock was created at the Mercedes-Benz Advanced Center in California, USA. Interior cosmetics include aluminum door panels supposedly inspired by rock formations.

With this new concept out in Frankfurt now, people might ask how much this car will resemble future Mercedes-Benz models in terms of styling and performance.

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