Honda has just unveiled the Project 2&4 concept ahead of its launch at this year's Frankfurt Motor Show. Combining the power of a motorcycle and the handling prowess of a four-wheeled vehicle, the Project 2&4 was created as a part of global design competition between the company's design studios.

Imbued with Honda's continuous effort in delivering 'an ever-more immersive driving experience', the Project 2&4 is an open-air car that was originally conceived by Honda's motorcycle studio in Asaka with collaboration from their automotive design studio in Wako, Japan.

The side profile of the Honda Project 2&4 concept

Drawing inspiration from the 1965 RA272, the body of concept car shows off the vehicle's key mechanical features much like a motorcycle according to Honda. It measures 3,040mm long, 1,820mm wide and 995mm tall. Built as a mid-engined car, its low center of gravity and lightweight 405kg curb weight enables fast and responsive handling.

Aboard, the one-seater concept has a unique 'floating seat' design that allows the driver to feel as close to the road which further evokes the combination of a motorcycle and a four-wheeled vehicle.

The rear of the Honda Project 2&4 concept

Delivering power to the Project 2&4 is a 1.0-liter V4 motorcycle engine sourced from the RC213V competition bike. It cranks out 215 PS at 13,000 rpm along with 118 Nm of torque available at 10,500 rpm. It is then connected to a 6-speed dual clutch gearbox.

There is no word yet whether this concept will prelude an upcoming production vehicle for Honda, but it is a likely challenger for the Ariel Atom which is incidentally powered by a Honda engine.