Mercedes-Benz is adamant in providing electric mobility for their customers the soonest. At this year's Frankfurt Motor Show, the automaker is set to reveal the upcoming EQ A electric vehicle (EV) concept.

Based on a newly-released design sketch, the EQ A concept will be a fully-electric hatchback with a curvaceous exterior. It's unlike anything Mercedes-Benz has designed and features a prominent front fascia, a long flowing roofline and overly-large wheels.

Frankfurt 2017 Preview: Mercedes-Benz to reveal EQ A electric hatch

Immediately noticeable on the EV concept are the eye-catching headlights and large grill that appears to have a digital screen. Muscular curves and swooping lines dominate the side profile along with the prominent rear quarter panels. Images of the EQ A's rear were not provided but it's highly likely that it will be as sleek as the front. Also present on the EQ A concept are the OLED taillights which are equally eye-catching as the headlights.

All in all, the EQ A heavily resembles the EQ SUV concept which made its world debut during the 2016 Paris Motor Show. From its namesake, it has an electric powertrain but was designed from the groundup as a high-riding SUV.

Frankfurt 2017 Preview: Mercedes-Benz to reveal EQ A electric hatch

If Mercedes Benz plans on seriously making the EQ A as a production vehicle, it could go up against the likes of the BMW i3 or even the Tesla Model 3.

Both the EQ A and EQ SUV will be present at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show.