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Frankfurt 2017: Skoda updates Vision-E Concept


Skoda refines their take on electric propulsion

With Volkswagen Group’s bid to electrify their whole lineup by 2030, Skoda intends to play a major role in transitioning their propulsion to electricity. The Czech manufacturer gives us a take on how electric vehicles can be integral to future mobility by way of their Vision-E Concept.

Previously making its debut at Auto Shanghai in China, the Vision-E stages its debut in Europe through the Frankfurt Auto Show – with a few changes to boot. New wheels, a reshaped LED light bar up front, and revised tail lights all account for the subtle changes the concept has undergone before the show.


While it appears to have a compact design, the EV’s lack of a transmission tunnel means there’s more than enough space inside the cabin. Skoda also says the short front and rear overhangs helped engineers to create “a very generous and comfortable interior that is typical for Skoda.”

Power comes by way of two electric motors yielding a total of 305PS with a total range of 500km on a single charge. Top speed for the Vision-E currently stands at 180km/h. The Vision-E, according to Skoda, is also capable of Level 3 Autonomy. This means the car is capable of taking charge of steering in motorways while completing actions such as braking, overtaking, and accelerating. Emergency situations will need the driver to take over the wheel still, but the vehicle will provide ample time to prepare for such instances.

The Vision-E is by far Skoda’s first complete EV project, and will likely end up as their first fully electric production model. Skoda intends to make no less than 5 EV models by 2025 through Volkswagen’s dedicated platform; And we should see the first of these models some time in 2020.

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