Pernod Ricard Philippines celebrated their 4th Responsib’All Day, an initiative started by its parent company, – Pernod Ricard – halting all business-related activities for the day and using the time to speak to distributors, customers/consumers and the media about the 5 commitments made by the 13 companies in the wine, spirits, and beer sector since October 2012 during the ICAP* International Conference on Global Actions.  These are:

1. To reduce underage drinking

2. To reduce drinking and driving

3. To strengthen and expand marketing codes of practice

4. To provide consumer information and develop responsible product innovations

5. To enlist the support of retailers to reduce harmful drinking

19,000 employees of Pernod Ricard in 80 countries worldwide are harnessed to reach out to everyone and talk to them about the perils of ‘inappropriate or harmful drinking.’

Showing true dedication and passion for this cause, Pernod Ricard has, with the help of Novedia, developed an application that will calculate the number of units of alcohol drinkers consume in real time taking into account the type of drinks consumed (wine, spirits or other), their volume, as well as the user’s gender and weight.  And it even comes with a geo-localisation system that, if applicable, has the ability to inform the user of the nearest suitable means of transportion. It will be available in 37 languages and can be installed on an iPhone or any Android device.

To access the application, go to

“Responsible drinking has always been at the heart of our policy of Social Responsibility and we remain highly committed, as shown once again by the mobilisation of our 19,000 employees throughout the world on the occasion of this fourth Responsib’All Day. It is by directly engaging with every consumer and every distributor that we have the chance to change behaviour in the long-term. It is a lengthy process that all those involved in the industry must pursue tirelessly,” said Pierre Pringuet, Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer of the Group.