More Volvo touches in Geely models, coming soon

The infotainment system used in current Geely's current models is already great. And no, we're not saying it just because of the specs and features it has, but it's based on our experience from reviewing a handful of Geely models.

There's always room for improvement and -in the future- Geely's infotainment systems will be even better thanks to a little help from Volvo. The Swedish brand recently signed a memorandum to set up a joint venture with Ecarx to develop next-generation infotainment systems. These will then be made available to all Geely brands. For reference, Ecarx is a tech company that specializes in Android-based infotainment systems and has already worked on several brands, including Geely, Lynk & Co., and Proton.

Interestingly, the joint venture will be headquartered in Sweden as opposed to China. Jan-Erik Larsson, currently the head of R&D in China for Volvo Cars, will be leading a team of around 100 people. The company is set to be operational by the third quarter of 2021.

The new infotainment system that will make its way to future Geely models will include new software and hardware that is based and developed from Volvo's existing system. These are the same systems that are already used in Volvo's current lineup of vehicles. Subsequently, the joint venture will allow faster development of the current infotainment system in Volvo vehicles today.

“The infotainment system in Volvo’s latest cars is one of the best on the market, rivaling mobile phones in user experience. Through this joint venture, we can speed up development of the system, bring high-quality infotainment to more cars and maximize incentives for companies and developers to create great services and apps for the users of the platform,” says Henrik Green, chief technology officer at Volvo Cars.

With development expected to begin in Q3 of 2021, expect the new infotainment system to arrive in Geely models sometime next year.