Cars are safer than ever. There are loads out there with five-star safety ratings, along with a rash of accident avoidance systems such as stability control and even automatic emergency braking. But sometimes, big accidents involving injuries, happen.

When first responders are called in, they have to assess the extent of the vehicle occupants' injuries. In situations where time is of the essence, those seconds spent examining the victims are vital. Now, Hyundai wants to help out these first responders.

How so? The automaker, along with MDGo, are developing a system wherein the car can scan for potential injuries that will alert paramedics and rescuers alike. Their aim is to give the responders a heads up on the situation in order for them to carry out their operation, even before they get there.

Future Hyundai cars can check on you after a crash image

It's called intelligent injury analysis and uses an elaborate AI algorithm. It measures the attributes applied to the passengers in real-time and alert emergency services and medical facilities to a driver’s likely injuries following a road traffic accident. The MDGo AI technology interprets accident data and compiles numerous sets of insights regarding the occupants and the vehicle. Within seven seconds of impact, emergency services are sent a detailed analysis of potential injuries from the Hyundai vehicle.

With that, emergency personnel will know how to handle each passenger in order to avoid risk of further injury. At the same time, the data sent from the car can help medical teams thanks to the information they received beforehand. This allows them to further prepare upon the arrival of the patient.

For now, the technology is still in its infancy but Hyundai and MFGo are dedicated into making this a reality. So while cars are now safer than ever, our rescuers are better equipped if ever the worst happens.