There's been a lot of talk about automation, and just about every automaker is investing bucket loads of research and development on it. Hyundai has been very vocal about their concepts and developments, and they have announced yet another one.

This one is no concept either. It will be introduced in future Hyundai models bit by bit. What they have in store is an adaptive cruise control system that isn't just dependent or radars and sensors, but it will also have the ability to read your driving patterns and put it into its program.

Hyundai calls it Smart Cruise Control-Machine Learning or SCC-ML. So, how does it 'read' the way you drive?

It doesn't work right out the box because the vehicle's software will need some input to replicate a human driver's patterns. The barrage of sensors and radars measure how the driver keeps distance from other cars, step on the accelerator and brake pedals, as well as steering input. With enough data, the driver can then use SCC-ML and the data gathered from the previous drives will be replicated by the system.

Future Hyundai cars will read the way you drive image

Hyundai's aim is to make drivers more comfortable using adaptive cruise control. With current systems reacting the same way, it has made some anxious using smart cruise control systems. Hyundai believes that if the system acts like the way they drive, the users will be more at ease. With its adaptability and flexibility, Hyundai believes that SCC-ML can be used in a much wider variety of driving situations in the city and on the highway.

But what if the driver constantly tailgates or slams on the brakes at the last possible second? Hyundai says their system filters out the bad habits, and does the necessary adjustments to keep all occupants safe. That means the passengers don't have to have a jerky or harrowing experience when they're on board the vehicle.

It's not only the 'learning' aspect that's going to be added to Hyundai's smart cruise control systems. It will also gain what they call automatic lane change assists. In conjunction with SCC-ML, all future Hyundai models fitted with it will come with level 2.5 autonomy. If anything, Hyundai is easing consumers into the whole idea of autonomous driving little by little.