Starting in 2022, all the new Hyundai and Kia models will have a brand new infotainment system developed by Nvidia. Yes, the same Nvidia responsible for building some of the most powerful graphics cards on the planet.

Future Hyundai, Kia infotainment systems gets an upgrade from Nvidia image

Unlike the infotainment system found in the Korean automaker's current lineup of models, the new one is called Nvidia Drive. It functions just like any other infotainment system featuring audio, video, and navigation. However, Nvidia Drive also seamlessly integrates connectivity as well as artificial intelligence-based services to improve user experience. The system can also download future apps and features which would be rolled out in future updates. As a result, the automaker says that the system will only get better over time.

“At Hyundai Motor Group, we are committed to delivering greater value, safety, functionality, and enjoyment over the lifetime of the car,” said Paul Choo, Senior Vice President of Electronics Tech Unit at Hyundai Motor Group. “The Nvidia Drive platform is proven - it is scalable, energy-efficient, and has the performance to support our next generation of software-defined vehicles.”

Future Hyundai, Kia infotainment systems are powered by Nvidia image

Currently, the only vehicles in the automaker's range that use the Nvidia Drive system are from Genesis – Hyundai's luxury division. Both the GV80 and the G80 already come standard with the advanced Nvidia Drive system. Starting 2022, however, all new Hyundai, Kia, and Genesis models launched will feature the system as standard. Better yet, the Nvidia Drive system won't be exclusive to premium vehicles of Hyundai and Kia. Yes, the automaker says it includes entry-level vehicles too.

Aside from the new infotainment system, Hyundai and Nvidia are also collaborating on a new digital cockpit set to launch in late 2021. Unfortunately, Hyundai did not state which vehicles will be getting this feature for the time being. Nvidia is also helping Hyundai roll out its new “connected car operating system”. Called ccOS, it will collect data generated by the vehicle and its networked sensors in addition to external connected car data centers to provide a more pleasurable driving experience. There is no word yet as to when the new operating system will debut.

With entry-level vehicles included, it would be cool to see models like the Hyundai Accent and the Kia Picanto fitted with the new Nvidia Drive system in the future.