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Future MINI Cooper previewed with MINI Vision design concept


Design concept previews advanced design and innovative ideas

MINI Design head Anders Warming gives a glimpse into the future of the brand with the MINI Vision design concept. Warming previews advanced design and innovative ideas with the latest design concept at the recent MINI Design@Home event. The concept’s new creative influences aim to bring premium quality to the compact class.

Based on a virtual 3D hologram presentation, the new concept gives a glimpse into how MINI design works on future vehicle models. The use of virtual reality technology allows designers to go beyond sketches and clay models to take their creative ideas further and test them in realistic conditions immediately.

Like every MINI, the Vision design concept represents creativity, individuality and versatility. The highlight Driving Experience Control switch allows the whole of the car’s interior to be transformed into a variety of different color and experience worlds in the blink of an eye.


Old meets new on the outside

The exterior design of the MINI Vision is a fusion of the classic Mini and future-focused aesthetics. The traditional rounded Mini forms and hexagonal radiator grill continue to inspire the shape, while modern features like full-LED headlights, daytime running lights, and use of a new innovative and lightweight ‘organo metal’ material represent the brand’s future. The new extremely moldable yet very strong material is made of various fibers pressed into a composite. Organo sheets have a unique texture comparable to that of fabrics.

With modern aerodynamics derived from motorsport development, the car’s body will include strategically placed air intakes and outlets, airflow-optimized mirrors, roof spoiler, and even wheels. The rear of the car will still carry a muscular shoulder and the defined edging of the bodywork represents the car’s precision and sporting intent that has been testament to the model.

Original and creative compact interior

The interior further expresses individual style, variability, functionality and aesthetic appeal.  It features a transparent and open cockpit, sweeping doors and a ‘floating’ center console to allow the driver and passengers to experience the sensation of a wide open space coupled with the benefits of a space-saving small car. Lounge seats featuring dynamic piping add the finishing touch to the unique interior ambience.

Creative solutions that are also functional can be seen with the Union Jack flag inspired elastic straps on the doors. The straps double as flexible retaining devices which can hold a magazine, tablet, mobile phone or drink bottles.

New features like the MINI click system, which allows different kinds of containers to be attached or removed in a single ‘click’; and Driving Experience Control switch were also introduced.

The new innovative ‘switch’ allows the driver to choose between a pure and focused or fully-interconnected mode. The two modes are expressed in different colors using calm, clear light and dynamic, energy-charged shades. Another highlight of the fully-interconnected mode is the ‘MINI Disco’ floor. Here, an expressive interplay of colors, light and forms transforms the footwells as the MINI Vision appears to come vibrantly to life. As well as turning the ambient color scheme of the interior on its head, the Driving Experience Control switch also changes the face of the familiar MINI circular central display. Depending on their selection, drivers will be met by either a classic, analogue-style view or an impressive 3D look, which gives the full suite of display elements an unaccustomed depth.

Innovative and highly characteristic colors

A new Glamorous Gold paint finish, which is characterized by a shimmering gold-tinged orange tone is an innovative color in MINI design. The new shade fused with organo metal creates an intriguing contrast to the gleaming metallic shade. 

A high-quality suit was the main inspiration of for the seats and interior trim which feature a tough, dark-blue fabric. 

This design vision demonstrates that MINI will continue to use intelligent variability, imagination-capturing technology and a compact sporting presence to deliver unrivaled driving fun over the years to come.

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