It seems that these days, the trend with automobiles are crossovers. Manufacturers from all corners of the world are slowly releasing more crossover models to meet increasing consumer demand.

Future of Lexus IS, GS could be uncertain

One such automaker slowly making the shift is Lexus. Late last year, the brand introduced the 3-row RX. More recently, they revealed the new UX which sits below the NX and acts as the brand's entry-level crossover. Now, it seems as though Lexus could choose to focus on their crossover lineup and the new ES instead, with the IS and GS sedans possibly being killed off.

"We're more focused on maximizing the opportunities we have than comparing ourselves,” said David Christ, Group Vice President and General Manager – Lexus Division.

Future of Lexus IS, GS could be uncertain

According to Automotive News who spoke with Christ, Lexus will be focusing on crossovers and the new ES sedan instead. The brand will be taking a 'strategic look' at the IS and GS, both of which are already late in their life cycles. For reference, the third generation IS debuted back in 2013 while the GS hit the market in 2011. That said, Lexus also has yet to announce any plans of updating the aging sedans.

“We can't do it all at once, but we're certainly evaluating both vehicles," Christ added.

Future of Lexus IS, GS could be uncertain

As for the ES, it will likely receive an F-Sport variant later on which is expected to draw most of the sales. It was also rumored that the ES could later get all-wheel drive and possibly replacing the GS altogether.

With the money currently on crossovers, it seems likely that Lexus will be making this shift. Hopefully however, both the IS and GS live to see a next-generation.

Source: Automotive News