Pure electric vehicles may look like the shape of the future but Volkswagen is still pushing through with the continuous development of the good old combustion engine. In fact, the German automaker has rolled out a new generation diesel engine.

Internally known as the EA288 Evo, Volkswagen says they are bringing the diesel engine into the future. According to them, it is the world's first four-cylinder diesel to be paired with a hybrid system. That's right, the EA288 Evo will already start as a mild hybrid drive with 12V belt starter generator on its first use. Audis will be getting the engine first and will be installed in the MLB Evo platform cars. These are likely to be used in the updated A4 and the all-new A6. The rest of the Volkswagen Auto Group range will follow.

The EA288 Evo has a displacement of 2.0-liters. It packs exhaust aftertreatment components, such as a diesel particulate filter (DPF) and SCR components (NOx treatment using selective catalytic reduction) for a cleaner burn. With those features in place, Volkswagen claims an emission reduction of 10g/km of CO2. The engine is also flexible when it comes to producing power. Horsepower from the EA 288 Evo ranges from 136 PS, all the way to 204 PS. Torque figures have yet to be released.

As for the hybrid system, it is a 48V mild hybrid and will first be used on the next-generation Golf. With this tech, Volkswagen aims to add some form of electric drive to a much wider audience. Given that the Golf is Europe's best-selling car, perhaps it made sense for Volkswagen to install this system if they want to capture a large market. The mild hybrid system also features an electric boost function and Volkswagen will gradually extend the electrification of conventional drives to the entire range.