Vehicle prices of GAC will get PHP 78,000 price bump

Following the DTI announcement of safeguard bonds on imported vehicles, we've been waiting on automakers to announce their new pricing structure to comply. Geely was the first to confirm their price hikes, but hasn't announced exactly by how much. For GAC, however, things are a lot clearer. 

As of March 1, 2021, the entire lineup of GAC in the Philippines will get a PHP 78,000 increase for all models and variants. From sedans to crossovers to vans, expect higher prices across the board, according to the list below.

GAC to increase vehicle prices following DTI Safeguard Act image

Taking a step back, the added tariff makes GAC pricier on paper, but for their GA4 sedan and GS3 and GS4 crossovers, pricing is still quite competitive, in a manner of speaking. It’s with their larger GA8 sedan, GS8 crossover-SUV, and their GN8 van that it becomes more significant.

GAC to increase vehicle prices following DTI Safeguard Act image

Given those three models’ new price range, they will start hovering very close to the PHP 2M mark, and that’s just for the entry-level GS8. Should one opt for the top-spec and priciest vehicle in the lot, the GN8 Luxury Edition, we’re looking at a little under PHP 3M. 

“We are in the high hopes that the local market will still continue to patronize the brand despite the higher prices implemented by the policy,” said Wilbert Lim, president and CEO of Legado Motors.

The question now on our minds is: which automaker will announce their price increase next?