GAC's flagship SUV will offer ballistic protection

GAC Motor Philippines is set to reveal three new vehicles very soon. Among those include the all-new GS4 and a special edition GN8 called the Masters Edition. But what caught our attention was the GS8 Bulletproof.

You read right. GAC’s flagship SUV will soon be available with ballistic protection against firearms. The exact specifications of the bulletproof GS8 are not yet available but what we know (according to an insider) is that it will have a more powerful engine.

The current GS8 is powered by a 2.0-liter turbocharged inline-four that makes 201 PS and 320 Nm of torque. Bulletproof vehicles are notoriously heavier than their standard counterparts, especially with the additional armor and the heavier bulletproof glass. With that, it’s no surprise that GAC plans to equip the GS8 Bulletproof with something with more oomph.

Our best guess is that the 2.0-liter motor could be upgraded to produce nearly 300 PS and over 400 Nm of torque to offset the added weight. The suspension will likely be upgraded to handle the added weight. 

GAC has also yet to reveal the GS8’s armor rating. What we do know is that this GS8 will come with bulletproof windows and doors. If the GS8 Bulletproof offers a high level of ballistic protection like B6, it should be able to stop large caliber rounds from weapons like the AK-47 (7.62mm) and AR-15 (5.56mm) as well as fragmentation grenades.

The automaker has yet to reveal when they will actually launch the special GS8. More than likely though, they might launch it before the year ends, or in early 2022. As for its price, GAC will announce it when they reveal the model. 

When they do launch it, this could be the most affordable vehicle to be equipped with armoring from an official showroom.