For the upcoming 2018 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Garmin will present their OEM-spec (Original Equipment Manufacturer) navigation system concept. It is primarily aimed for manufacturers who want a more comprehensive infotainment system fitted to their vehicles. For now, Garmin has installed this concept in a Volvo XC90 but should it reach wider distribution, the software may be adaptable to other vehicles.

The system works in close conjunction with AccuWeather with MinuteCast technology. It displays the weather conditions that can be expected along any given route. Garmin claims that this concept is the first scalable infotainment platform that offers comprehensive, minute-by-minute weather forecasts. When potentially hazardous weather is detected, the navigation system detours the driver to a safer route.

Part of the package is Amazon Alexa, an intelligent, voice command personal assistant system. It works directly with the on-board navigation and media player software established by Garmin – which means no smartphones or apps required. Consumers can easily select their destination with the Alexa hands-free voice service and then have it automatically synced to turn-by-turn navigation from Garmin. Amazon Alexa can also handle voice-commands for web and entertainment functions.

Besides the weather forecast feature, it also comes with Wireless Rear Seat Navigation and Entertainment. Be it an Apple or Android device, users will have access to the head unit’s mapping and full navigation functionality streaming over Wi-Fi from the rear seat. Passengers will also be able to see the vehicle’s route, search points of interest, and even send destinations to the head unit. Video and audio can also be streamed wirelessly.