Another fuel price rollback is estimated to take place next week

Earlier this week, diesel motorists were greeted with a PHP 4.15 rollback after oil companies announced a decrease in diesel fuel prices. Meanwhile, the price of gasoline remained the same which is still good news for drivers who rely on the fuel.

But with another week coming to a close, many are wondering if the price of diesel and gasoline will go down despite the Philippine Peso continuing to weaken versus the US Dollar. Fortunately, it seems the downward trend of fuel will continue for next week.

Gasoline and diesel prices could rollback next week image

According to our friends over at PH Fuel Watch, current estimates from the Mean of Platts Singapore (MOPS) state that diesel could roll back PHP 1.00 per liter. On the other hand, gasoline might get a bigger rollback at PHP 1.50 per liter.

While fuel prices are still far from before 2022 started, the estimated rollback for next week is still a welcome one. Remember, the price of fuel is now far from almost PHP 100 per liter earlier this year which means if the trend continues, we might be on our way to pre-2022 prices.

If you still have some fuel left in the tank, you might want to hold on to that before your next fill-up next week. After all, every centavo counts especially when it comes to refueling.