Will Geely make it big?

Geely is quickly becoming a hot-selling brand in the world. In the Philippines alone, the Coolray crossover is already one of, if not the most popular model to date. However, they’re not stopping there. The Geely Auto Group, comprised of Geely Auto, Lynk & Co, Zeekr, and Geometry brands, wants to grow even bigger.

In a recent announcement, Geely Auto Group said they want to achieve 3.65 million units sold annually by 2025. Yes, it’s an optimistic number, but there’s more. The group adds that out of this number, 30% or roughly 1 million of the vehicles sold then will be electrified. Specifically, the EV Zeekr brand will aim to achieve 650,000 units in annual sales by 2025.

Geely Group wants 3.65 million vehicles sold annually by 2025 image

To achieve their target, Geely plans to introduce its new GHS2.0 intelligent hybrid powertrain system later this 2021. The automaker claims the powertrain will allow up to 40% of fuel-saving. The new hybrid powertrains will be installed on flagship Geely models, and within three years, it will be offered on 10 new models from the Group.

Aside from the hybrid powertrain, the Geely Group also plans to increase the battery size of its PHEV models to provide 100 to 200km of extra. By doing that, users will be able to complete 90% of their daily mobility needs via zero-emission propulsion.

Geely Group wants 3.65 million vehicles sold annually by 2025 image

The Geely Group has big goals, but they aren’t impossible. Their new electric Zeekr brand received over 5,000 confirmed orders for the Zeekr 001 on the first day the order books were open. And in just one month, all deliverable units for 2021 were sold out. Based on the demand for the brand and future model launches, Geely believes it can become one of the top EV brands in the future.

Aside from pushing the Zeekr EV brand, the Geely Group will continue to expand its presence by introducing Geely Auto, Lynk & Co, and Geometry brand products in new markets.

Do you think the Geely Group can reach its target of selling 3.65 million units annually by 2025, or is it far too optimistic? Let us know what you think.