Geely has been taking big steps recently when it comes to customer safety. Specifically, the automaker has gone to great lengths in protecting car buyers from the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Earlier this month, the automaker announced that all models will now come with N95 cabin air filtration systems. Now, they are making new vehicle deliveries much safer, and one of the ways is by using drones.

In China, Geely has been selling vehicles through its online marketplace since last February. Rather than having customers go to dealerships to pick up the unit, it will be delivered straight to their house instead. This way, there is less contact between people and less chance of the virus to spread. Part of the delivery includes having the car fully disinfected when the vehicle arrives at the customer’s house. For full contactless delivery, the automaker is now offering key drop off by using drones.

The system works by using drones to deliver the keys to customers directly to their doors or balcony. This further distances the staff and the customer from one another, “creating a truly contactless process”. At the moment, the drone key delivery system is only available in select locations.

Since the online marketplace was launched, Geely says that it has already sold 10,000 vehicles. Deals that are closed online are transferred to local dealers that then disinfect vehicles via “thorough ionization”. Afterward, they are dropped off at the customer’s house.

With Geely already doing contactless deliveries, this might be one way automakers can be able to sell cars during the coronavirus pandemic. Then again, you shouldn’t really be leaving the house during these times.