Passion Orange, Sunburst Yellow, and Formula Red?

It's no secret that the Geely Coolray is definitely one of our favorite vehicles in the last two years. And we're not alone in that, especially since they've been consistently ranking at the top when it comes to sales in the category.

Geely Philippines definitely has a good model on its hands, one that is indeed fun with its handling and the power from the turbo 1.5L engine. They even pitted it in a drag race against one of our all-time favorite sedans that was offered (and made) in the Philippines: the Honda Civic SIR.

Now it seems they're taking that to a new level after we looked at the new color options available for the model. Actually, the Coolray's color choices now appear to be an homage to the SIR.

Geely Coolray colors image

When Geely launched the Coolray in 2019, they offered colors such as White, Vermilion (red), and Orange. Those are very SIR colors from back in the day like Taffeta White, Formula Red, and Passion Orange. They also offer Blue and Silver, but the popular colors are really the first three.

Interestingly though, they just added one more called Sunburst Gold and it's available in the Limited Sport variant of the Coolray. SIR fans would recall that Sunburst Yellow proved to be a rather popular hue for the model back in the day.

As to whether the color similarities are intentional, only the boss of the paint shop in China would have the answer. Whatever the case may be, we're noticing the neat color options that Geely has for the already enjoyable Coolray.

Now if they can put that 177 horsepower turbo three-cylinder engine in a small coupe, hatchback, or sedan, we'd really be interested. If it had a good 6-speed manual, we'd love it.