In the coming days you'll be reading about Geely's newly launched offering in the Philippines: the Azkarra.

The Azkarra is a 5-seater crossover that is a cut above their first model, the Coolray small crossover, and features an upscale design and appointments (Nappa leather), premium and high tech features (panoramic moonroof, 12.3” screen), and an advanced powertrain that includes a 48-volt mild-hybrid system with the 1.5-liter turbo petrol engine, and all-wheel drive.

But during the online Philippine launch (as part of the new normal for vehicle launches in the Philippines and worldwide) they had a surprise for us: a Geely “Jeepney”.

Geely design boss creates his own version of Philippine jeepney image

Apparently, during the brand launch of Geely in the Philippines last year, their design head in Shanghai, Guy Burgoyne, was inspired by the prevalence of the jeepney on our roads. And so he decided to have a little fun and design his own interpretation of the age-old PUV, and show off images of the design to the members of the Philippine motoring media.

From what we can tell, Burgoyne took the Geely Icon electric crossover and modified the look with some jeepney styling cues like removing the front doors for the driver and front passengers, removing the windows, and modifying the tailgate with a PUV-style doorless entryway. Oh, and we can see that they've made the rear seats peripheral (side facing) like a jeepney.

Of course, this was just for fun; Geely has no intention of actually producing it for us, or at all. Actually, the modifications appear to only be digital; they just edited some photos to create these jeepney-inspired concepts.

Still, they look rather interesting; an odd but ultra-modern take on the improvised passenger jeepney concept that has lasted 75 years since the end of hostilities in the liberation of the Philippines.