Check out Geely's new emblem

Yes, you read that headline right. Geely has just unveiled a new insignia and it looks slightly different from the current logo they're using.

Revealed recently by the automaker, Geely's new logo ditches the three-dimensional design for a simpler and flatter design. Based on its looks, the new logo seems to be an evolution of the outgoing “Innovate Geely 4.0” badge which we are currently seeing on vehicles like the Coolray, Emgrand, Okavango, and Azkarra.

It gets a similar wide grille design that features six panels, as well as horizontal and vertical lines. But as mentioned before, it now has a simpler aesthetic without the blue and black segments that represent the “earth and sky”.

Geely greets the New Year with a simpler logo image

While Geely did not say much about the new logo, the company did say that its new insignia shows the brand's “first step to pursuing smarter and more technological products for our customers”. Geely also mentioned that “Our new chapter starts here! Let's expect how it will shine and light up the future!”

But how will the logo itself look on the brand's various vehicles? Most likely, the new emblem will be finished in silver when it's placed on cars. There will also be an all-white version with a black background which might be used for marketing purposes.

This is not the first time an automaker decided to make its logo simpler. The most recent one was Audi which now features a new two-dimensional look that was first used in the new Q8 e-tron. There was also BMW who revealed a flatter and more simplistic logo two years ago which they primarily use for communications and marketing materials.