Could Geely's Zeekrs mobile charging stations make sense in PH?

If there's one problem that electric vehicle (EV) owners face every time they're on a long road trip, it's the need for charging stations. While some countries have already put up charging infrastructures, not all places are covered. 

For Zeekr, Geely's premium EV brand, they might have the solution to that problem. Say hello to the Zeekr mobile charging station. It's part of the brand's many solutions to give EV owners peace of mind while on the road.


Set to be launched later this year in China, the mobile charging stations will serve as a contingency plan when it comes to recharging EVs. When launched, they can provide door-to-door charging services to up to 30 cities in the PRC by the end of 2021. By 2022, the brand aims to have it available in 50 cities.

Exact details about the mobile charging station have yet to be revealed. But based on the images, it looks like they are based on Iveco vans that come with onboard charging devices. Once deployed, the mobile charging station can recharge a Zeekr 001 with ease.


Besides providing customers with mobile charging services, Zeekr Power (a sub-brand of Zeekr) will also offer customers a network of large charging stations with multiple functions. Each station will support a maximum charging rate of 360 kW and have various services like rest areas and vehicle parking services.

There will also be an app-based service from Zeekr Power. From route planning and navigation functions, the app will offer users information such as routes with the shortest distance, highest speeds, or lowest energy consumption. It will even have a charging map feature that will recommend the nearest charging stations along the route based on the vehicle's battery range and battery life.


With Zeekr looking to provide mobile charging stations to its customers, would this type of service make sense in the Philippines? With the country having little to no infrastructure yet for EVs, Zeekr Power's idea of providing mobile charging vans could be a temporary solution.