Geely welcomed 2021 with big news, literally. The Chinese automaker announced earlier this January that they will be launching their largest crossover yet

Internally called KX11, Geely did not mention any specifics about the vehicle apart from riding on the CMA architecture co-developed with Volvo. The photos they released at the time also shows the crossover covered in heavy camouflage.

Now, we finally get to have our first look at Geely’s upcoming crossover. The automaker recently released photos of the KX11 on their official Facebook page, this time without the camouflage. For now, we only see the front, side, and a variation of Geely’s signature ‘Expanding Cosmos’ grille.


Styling-wise, the KX11 crossover has one of the most aggressive-looking front ends on any Geely models. It features a massive vent on the bumper to match the equally imposing grill. New square headlights featuring two rows of LED DRLs make the crossover stand out from its siblings. Meanwhile, sculpture lines on the hood add more presence to the already mean-looking crossover.

From the side, some of Volvo’s styling cues are present on the KX11. It could be because of the body line or also because of the fan-shaped wheels. Unfortunately, Geely did not publish photos of the rear. However, the slim wraparound taillights do look similar to that of the Okavango.


Apart from the photos, Geely didn’t announce anything new about the KX11, including engine and powertrain options. Considering it does ride on the CMA architecture, the KX11 might have a mild-hybrid system. There are no photos of the interior as well. Based on the vehicle’s side profile and size, however, it will likely be a 7-seat model.

The automaker announced that the crossover is arriving later this year. How late is later, we don’t know yet. Our previous article pegged its launch in Q4 2021. It is also uncertain if Geely will retain the name KX11 or replaced by something new later on. We’ll know more once Geely publishes more details about the crossover, so watch this space.