Geely drops more images of its new RADAR EV pickup truck



Yesterday, Geely officially revealed the first teaser images of its upcoming pickup truck from its RADAR sub-brand. Despite the camouflage still hiding most of the vehicle, we can say that the electric pickup appeared to have borrowed some styling cues from the Okavango.

While we already had a good look at the pickup, the camouflaged images left us wanting to see more of it. Luckily, Geely noticed they generated a lot of noise and decided to release more images.

Geely's RADAR EV pickup looks good in latest photos image

Thanks to the new pictures, we finally got to see the entire side profile. With no camouflage hiding the vehicle's lines, the Geely pickup looks like a proper truck despite having a (supposedly) unibody construction. From the bold wheel arches, muscular fenders, distinct roofline, as well as sports bars at the back, Geely took their time to design the pickup truck.

But unlike your typical truck which has its plate mounted on the rear bumper, the RADAR's rear license plate is mounted on the tailgate. This somehow leads us to believe that the RADAR EV pickup is based on the Geely Okavango or a similarly-sized vehicle.

Geely's RADAR EV pickup looks good in latest photos image

Details about the RADAR's electric powertrain are still a mystery. However, we won't be surprised if it will be available with either a single motor or dual-motor setup complete with AWD capability. After all, Geely's new sub-brand will serve as an adventure-focused, outdoor lifestyle marque.

There is still no word whether the pickup will be offered outside of Geely's home market. But should the company actually launch it elsewhere, we're hoping Geely brings it here as well so that they can have a pickup truck that can take on the stalwarts of the segment.

Expect Geely to officially reveal the all-new RADAR EV pickup in China very soon.