There was (or is it still?) a time when Chinese car manufacturers were known for copied designs or the automotive equivalent of mashups of known or successful models. 

Geely, however, is working (and investing a lot) to move away from that image. The Chinese automaker has hired foreign talent to help move their design and development forward, and even acquired foreign automotive marques outright like Volvo, Proton, and Lotus.

Geely to launch coupe-like SUV similar to BMW X6

Now, Geely is poised to launch something very interesting: an SUV with a coupe-like, fastback silhouette. If that terminology sounds familiar, it's because BMW made it more recognizable with models like the X6 and X4.

The “Coupe SUV”, as Geely calls it, was penned at Geely Design Shanghai; a design studio headed by Peter Horbury who did a lot of work for Volvo, Ford, and Lincoln. Geely says the Coupe SUV has some previously seen design details like the taillights that resemble a Chinese fan, “digital arrow” DRLs, and their new “expanding universe” grill.

Geely to launch coupe-like SUV similar to BMW X6

The Coupe SUV (internal codename: FY11) will use a new platform developed with Volvo at the China-Euro Vehicle Technology Center in Gothenburg, Sweden called Compact Modular Architecture (CMA). 

In a press release, Geely said that the SUV will be their “most assertively styled vehicle to date”, and will have “sporting credentials with a wide and confident stance”. The terminology that Geely used include allusions to strength like the “predator cat appearance”, “powerful shoulders”, and lower air intakes that “further emphasise that feeling of strength”.

Geely to launch coupe-like SUV similar to BMW X6

Fluffy as the wording may be, Geely hasn't fully revealed the model or its name yet, but they did release some teaser imagery to show what kind of direction they were going for. And judging by what we're seeing, Geely is starting to look more and more interesting.