As pollution caused by vehicle emissions in China continue to rise, the government and several private entities have taken the initiative to develop a new way to experience mobility without harming the environment.

Chinese auto manufacturer Geely has announced plans to build a technology platform with new energy vehicles (NEVs) battery maker Hunan Corun New Energy.

This project is not exclusive to Geely. In fact, the invitation is out for all Chinese car producers and independent brand. Nine companies have already expressed interest and have promised to join the venture. 

For Geely and Hunan Corun New Energy, this will be the second time they will work together on advanced auto propulsion. Both companies recently launched a hybrid power automobile project in Changsha, Hunan Province last month and it is expected to already begin production by 2017.

The Chinese government has been looking for more ways to motivate domestic automakers to work on making more fuel-efficient vehicles including the use of alternative fuel. Since 2014, subsidies and tax exemptions have been given to customers who bought NEVs. This has resulted in the amount of NEVs quadrupling in 2015.

Lack of charging infrastructure has been cited as one of the major stumbling blocks for the Chinese electric vehicle industry. As shared by BAIC International's Dr. Dong Haiyang, in an interview with Philippine motoring media last year.

Last month, China's State Council announced a new set of policies gears towards promoting NEVs which included building more battery charging facilities and increasing the number of NEVs in the public transportation system.