Automotive giant General Motors (GM) has just achieved a production milestone after the company produced their 500-millionth vehicle. Coming from the automaker itself, GM described their production figure achievement as 'the most of any automaker so far'.

GM CEO Mary Barra along with GM North America and Global Chevrolet President Alan Batey joined up with company employees, customers and dealers at their Fairfax, Kansas assembly plant in celebrating the industry accolade.

“During 2015, we expect to sell more than 1,000 new vehicles per hour, 24 hours per day. This adds up to nearly 10 million vehicles, the most in our history. I look at this extraordinary volume as 10 million opportunities to prove what kind of company we are and to say thank you,” said Barra.

GM CEO Marry Barra

While the company did not reveal the 500-millionth vehicle during the celebration, they however surprised Iraqi war veteran Trent Brinning with the 'keys' to a brand new 2016 Chevrolet Malibu, which is slated to begin assembling later this year. Brinning is actually one-of-five- individuals that were given the keys to the upcoming 2016 Malibu and within two days, they will be notified on when they will receive their midsize sedan.

Barra added that the company plans to invest $174 million (about PhP 7.6 billion) in the Fairfax plant for the installation of new equipment and technologies that will build the 2016 Malibu.

500 million thanks from GM

In celebrating the event, GM highlighted several technological accomplishments that they have made through the years like: Cadillac's invention of the electric starter in 1912, their first automatic transmission in 1940, crash dummies becoming an industry standard starting in 1972 and their first application of their proprietary OnStar telemetry system.