With electrification the future of the automobile, most automakers have been busy making electric versions (or concepts) of sedans, crossovers, and even hatchbacks. But for Hyundai's luxury brand, Genesis, there is room for one more type of electric vehicle, coupes.

This is the Genesis X Concept and it looks stunning from every angle. Touted by the brand as their future of sustainable luxury, the two-door X Concept essentially previews Genesis' future design language and future electric vehicles.

Genesis X Concept image

Featuring the brand's 'Athletic Elegance' design philosophy, the X Concept has sweeping lines, muscular curves, and a distinct profile.

The X Concept has a massive mesh front grille that is complemented by a sleek pair of bar-style LED headlights that wrap around the fenders. Meanwhile, the long hood wraps around the vehicle's front fenders as well – giving the X Concept a more muscular finish which is also present at the back. Finally, the two-door concept has a unique set of taillights that complement the headlights, and huge five-spoke alloy wheels wrapped in low-profile tires.

If the exterior of the Genesis X Concept looks amazing, the interior has a more restrained design. It has a cockpit-inspired look which allowed the designers to surround the driver's seat with a myriad of controls.

Genesis X Concept image

There's no central touchscreen as the sole display can only be found in front of the driver. Called FreeForm Display, not only does it serves as the instrument panel, but it can also display the infotainment system, as well as manage the HVAC controls.

Don't expect to find a traditional gear selector on the X Concept. Instead, it has what Genesis calls the 'Crystal Sphere Electronic Shift Lever'. It's an electromechanical switch that allows drivers to switch between gears, as well as choose the desired driving mode with ease.

As far as materials are concerned, Genesis decided to use two different finishes for the driver and passenger seat. The former has a Scotch Brown finish while the latter makes use of an Ocean Wave Green Blue hue. According to the automaker, the unique finishes help emphasize the concept's special theme and design.

Genesis X Concept image

Genesis did not disclose how much power the X Concept has but since this is more of a preview of what's to come from the brand, we're not entirely surprised. But could the X Concept be a prelude for a future two-door EV? The company is not stating anything, which means this might well be just the brand's preview of their upcoming design and EV portfolio.

But should Genesis actually put the X Concept into production, it might give them the edge they will need in the high-performance electric GT market.