Mazda is set to unveil the all new Mazda5 MPV at the Geneva Auto Show in March. The seven seat MPV/Minivan is poised to cater to young, active families.

"In approaching development of the all-new Mazda5," says Hideki Matsuoka, Mazda5 Programme Manager, "our team aimed to create a new C-MAV that combines superb practicality with the superior environmental performance these modern times demand and a new expression in stylish design."

The Mazda5 features a high level of functionality and versatility with rear sliding doors and seven seats, along with an eye-catching exterior unique to the segment. Mazda claims that the flowing nature of the design language contributes to fuel efficiency by achieving a particularly low drag coefficient, together with better lift and air-flow stability characteristics.

The Mazda5 is fitted with a newly-developed 2.0-liter DISI petrol engine equipped with i-stop, and a six-speed manual transmission with gear ratios specific to this version.