Swedish hypercar maker Koenigsegg has just built their 100th car in 10 years, and have aptly called it 'Hundra' (Swedish for hundred). The right-hand drive carbon fiber car number 100 is adorned with hand-laid 24-karat gold leaf details creates an intrguing mix of old meets new craftsmanship. The Hundra is based on an Agera S, which was developed for markets without access to E85 biofuels which the Agera R normally runs on to produce its 1140-horsepower.

Hundra engine

The Agera S is powered by a twin turbo 5.0-liter V8 that pumps out 1030-horsepower and pulls in excess of 1000 newton-meters of torque with 98 RON pump gas. The car can run speeds in excess of 420 km/h and has a 0-200km/h acceleration time of 6.2-seconds.

Hundra interior

The entire car is hand-built by artisans at the Koenigsegg factory since September of 2012 and finished just in time for the Geneva Auto Show. The interior is generously clad with carbon fiber and alcantara. Gold details of the Hundra continue inside as well to match the exterior.

Koenigsegg's ten year journey has earned them several awards such as: 

- Four Guinness World records

- Forbes award for one of the ten most beautiful cars ever made

- Prestigious Red Dot design award

- Top Gear Hypercar of the Year award

- Longest lasting Top Gear Power Lap record ever

- Entrepreneur of the Year – Ernst & Young

- Worlds Top 100 Luxury Brands award