Mitsubishi Motors strengthens its commitment for electric mobility with the Concept CA-MiEV at the 2013 Geneva International Motor Show. The Japanese automaker has been stressing that it wants to make electric vehicles (EV) as its long-term core product for sustainable motoring.

The CA-MiEV is a result of three years of customer feedback since the introduction of the i-MiEV in 2009 and continuous development of battery technology and electric motors. The concept aims to take pure EVs from their normal urban driving environment into the suburban and countryside driving environment. This is achieved by an increased driving range of up to 300 km attributed to high-density batteries, light weight and improved aerodynamics.

CA-MiEV rear

Aerodynamic performance development and design will play an integral part in future EVs, the Mirage paved the way with a 0.27 Cd. The CA-MiEV aims to further improve aerodynamic efficiency with a Cd target of 0.26. The arrow-shaped compact hatchback brings a degree of high tech sleekness to small car design, all the way to its unusual canopy sloping rear roof line.

Already developed with highly efficient features like a full flat floor, rear-view cameras, minimal air intakes, rear diffuser, the CA-MiEV is also full of dramatic detailing - from the boomerang-sculptured front and rear lights to the ascending side character line enclosing the rear wheel arches to create a strong forward motion effect.

Powering the CA-MiEV will be a new all-in-one integrated power unit which features an 80kW motor, inverter and charger to maximize energy management and reduce size and weight. A compact flat battery pack with high-density lithium-ion batteries aims to extends range and also enables future options like a range extender.

The concept will also integrate innovative real-life features like magnetic resonance wireless charging technology and smartphone activated functions. Smartphone functions will include automatic e-mailing in case of theft, e-calling in case of emergency, remote controlling via apps, and map syncing,