Alfa Romeo will be unveiling the production version of the 4C at the 83rd International Motor Show in Geneva. This new mid-engine rear-wheel drive two-seater coupe will be representing Alfa Romeo's DNA of Italian design and technical excellence. It also marks the brand's return to the United States as well as the company's growth plan.

The Alfa Romeo 4C will be produced in the Maserati plant in Modena and is named based on its weight to power ratio of 4kg/hp which is made possible by a 4-cylinder all-aluminum direct-injection 1750 Turbo Petrol engine coupled to an Alfa TCT twin dry clutch transmission, and the Alfa DNA selector with the unprecedented race mode on a lightweight body.


The 4C's exterior design was an evolution of the 33 Stradale and the 8C' design to give it the signature Alfa Romeo look. Meanwhile, its interior makes use of a carbon fiber central cell to provide savings in weight and complete the overall sporty feel of the car.