It seems Mitsubishi Motors Corporation is getting ready to reveal their global EV palette at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show with these two concept cars: the GR-HEV sport utility truck and the CA-MiEV suburban vehicle.

The Concept CA-MiEV is a pure EV developed for superior range; in fact, MMC claims the CA-MiEV can deliver a 300 kilometer driving range. The latest in high capacity battery technologies enables the CA-MiEV to venture out of the cities and into suburban environments and the country.

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The Concept GR-HEV was developed as a sport utility hybrid truck, expanding the targeted customer base for EVs beyond the cities. Mitsubishi took the logical step at engineering the Concept GR-HEV hybrid, utilizing new clean diesel technology combined with electric motors, the first time this technology was used in a one tonne truck.

Mitsubishi deemed the diesel-electric hybrid powertrain as the best suited for heavy duty daily requirements of pick up owners. Also, the GR-HEV uses MMC's 4WD technology and Super All Wheel Control for traction and improved dynamics in any road condition.

Mitsubishi is taking a global view of the automotive market with regards to hybrids and EVs, and is dedicating efforts for the “development of global architectures that could serve customer needs and requirements in both mature and emerging markets, avoiding engineering compromises”.

The two concepts will take a bow at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show starting March 5 and will remain on display until March 17.