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Geneva 2014: Bespoke Aston Martin sportscars at the Q Lounge


A new bespoke service tailor-fit for a discerning Aston Martin customer

British luxury sports carmaker Aston Martin introduces its new Q personalization program at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show to provide tailor-fit cars for the most discerning customers. The nomenclature of the program has been inspired by its longtime silverscreen partner James Bond whose 'Q' is a quartermaster which customizes his vehicles with different features and gadgets.

Aston Martin's Q is desribed as the 'ultimate in bespoke commissions and personalization' that puts the customer’s needs first, with the motto of 'making the impossible, possible'. And fortunately, you do not need access to MI6 headquarters for a Q personalization; it will be available in selected dealerships as previewed in their Q Lounge Concept presented at the motor show.


Aston Martin stands to capitalize on a market of affluent customers seeking a 'made-to-measure service' to make their sports cars one-of-a-kind.  To make the experience more opulent, Aston Martin is introducing an area specifically dedicated and devoted to making customers see their dream cars turn into a reality, the Q Lounge Concept.

The bespoke section will have a display of unique paints, leathers and veneers, along with wall-mounted images of Q by Aston Martin cars, films and display cases. The whole idea behind Q by Aston Martin is as simple as it is ambitious: customers engaging with the service are encouraged to challenge the team to make their automotive dreams reality.

Aston Martin's bespoke possibilities are limitless, it could be a simple color or trim amendment or an outrageously ambitious one-off car commissions such as last year's CC100 Speedster Concept – which began life as a pure concept but, thanks to the Q by Aston Martin team, ended the year as a brace of tailor-made cars for Aston Martin enthusiasts.

“The service is a natural extension of what many of our customers have expected of us for many years.  The process of creating and specifying a new Aston Martin can take some time - time that our customers rightly expect to savor. What Q by Aston Martin adds to that already exciting process is the freedom to think beyond specification sheets and options lists - to challenge the designers and engineers here at Gaydon to use their talents to produce something truly remarkable, and unique,” said General Manager of VIP and Q by Aston Martin Sales, Dr Matthew Bennett.

The Q by Aston Martin V12 Vantage S, and the Q by Aston Martin Vanquish Volante are two examples of bespoke vehicles done by the new personalization division in a bid to show the team's breadth of creativity and capability.

The Vanquish Volante - Aston Martin's ultimate new GT Volante - includes a raft of detail changes to everything from interior trim to bespoke Q by Aston Martin badging, here displayed as chrome with blue lace agate stone infill. The unique exposed carbon fiber tonneau cover - finished in a deep gloss - nods clearly to the Vanquish's entire bodyshell since the car is, indeed, cloaked in a 'suit' of carbon.

Inside, the Vanquish Volante’s seats are bathed in luxurious White Essence leather with classic Cream Truffle stitching; contrasting with the rich Aurora Blue leather detailing and, the satin finish walnut veneer centre stack.    

Meanwhile the extreme new V12 Vantage S, Aston Martin's fastest production model since the exclusive One-77, fittingly has a more extreme treatment by Q's designers. A bold paint scheme, including the application of track-inspired vibrant Orange to contrast the Stratus White base color and Jet Black roof, are mixed with the leather inside to create a car that looks almost as thrilling standing still as it is on the move.

Orange brake calipers, satin finish carbon fiber details, chrome and white enamel Q by Aston Martin badging: these demonstrate the level of detail change possible via the bespoke personalization service, and hint at an interior that is as extreme as the car’s blistering performance.

True Teal leather seats are illuminated by the V12's Californian Poppy orange accent stripes that also extend to the doors and paddle shift inserts.

"Q by Aston Martin is really all about freedom. The freedom to work with us here at our Gaydon headquarters to create something really special. Something that uniquely demonstrates a customer's attitude, their personality and their taste.  My team and I are excited to be leading the design inspiration innate in this service and, working closely with the engineering and manufacturing teams, and their suppliers worldwide, to be helping to deliver levels of personalization that have not been widely available before," said Marek Reichman, Aston Martin Design Director.

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