Hyundai says Intrado’s materials and technologies also draw inspiration from an aircraft, such as the removal of all unnecessary weight. The exterior of the vehicle is designed to be aerodynamically efficient that is free of unnecessary adornments and has minimal detailing. The body of Intrado is made from a super lightweight steel from the company’s steel plant. Hyundai says the structure of Intrado was designed with lightness and strength in mind.

The body of Hyundai Intrado is made from a super lightweight steel

The interior of Intrado has a bright ‘Beaufort Orange’ contrasting with black and metallic accents. The Intrado also has see-through air vents and an exposed frame to which the seats are attached directly to.

The interior of Hyundai Intrado has bright ‘Beaufort Orange’ contrasts

Hyundai says the Intrado is powered by a hydrogen fuel-cell powertrain and is equipped with a lithium-ion 36 kWh battery. Refueling takes only a few minutes and it has the capacity to cover a range of 600 km.