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Geneva 2015 Preview: EDAG details exterior of Light Cocoon concept


Features a lightweight outer skin

EDAG, an engineering company, has detailed the exterior of its Light Cocoon concept, set to debut at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show in March.

The designers of the Light Cocoon concept took inspiration from a leaf's lightweight outer skin. With this, the concept car features a “bionically optimized” vehicle structure and a “weatherproof textile outer skin panel.”

EDAG's head designer Johannes Barckmann says unnecessary materials were removed to be able to produce a lightweight vehicle such as the Light Cocoon concept. Through simulation, EDAG was able to calculate and assure the sustainability of the said lightweight concept. Barckmann adds that the materials used for the Light Cocoon concept is four times lighter than standard copy paper.


"We are pursuing the vision of sustainability – as demonstrated by nature: lightweight, efficient, and without any waste. The EDAG Light Cocoon presents a stable, branch-like load bearing structure from the 3D printer, which only uses material where it is absolutely necessary," Barckmann said.

The body of the Light Cocoon concept is illuminated with a backlight technology. It comes with distinctive headlights that extends up to the vehicle's fender. The Light Cocoon concept also has an aggressive bumper while the side of the vehicle features modern styling. Moreover, the Light Cocoon concept is equipped with an outdoor textile called “Texapore Softshell” that provides weather protection for the vehicle.

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