Following the launch of the XC90 and S90, Volvo gives its compact hatchback an update for this year's Geneva Motor Show. The V40 gets a refreshed exterior and interior, keeping it in tune with its newest family members.

The revamped V40 now features the “Thor's Hammer” daytime running headlights and a larger Volvo 'Iron Mark' badge on the grill. For models equipped with the automatic braking system and adaptive cruise control, it gets a a better-integrated radar sensor. The V40 Cross Country also gets the same changes its lower riding sibling gets and gains extra ride height in the process. The rest of the car's body is largely unchanged.

Volvo V40 Inscription

The interior gets a mild revamping and now adds a new cloth trim option called City Weave. It also gets new dashboard trims for this model update. Volvo has also added a new top of the line trim for the V40 called the Inscription, just like the ones found in the XC90, S90 and V90. Another thing Volvo revised in the V40 and V40 Cross Country is the On Call smart phone app which now includes voice-control for some features. A Flic button has also been added to allow some commands to be done with a single button.

Engines are largely carried over from the first release of the V40 and V40 Cross Country. D2, D3 and D4 diesel engines and T2, T3 and T5 gas offerings retain their power outputs for 2016.