Geneva 2017: Aston Martin names new hypercar 'Valkyrie'


AM-RB 001 collab hypercar to follow Aston Martin nomenclature

Upon announcing the development of a car in collaboration with Red Bull Racing, all eyes were on Aston Martin's upcoming answer to the hypercar trio of Porsche, McLaren, and Ferrari.

As striking as their initial sketches and designs were, we were left with a monotonous name to call the project: AM-RB 001. Fortunately for us, the ever-tasteful British sports car manufacturer isn't one to leave their ultimate creation with a name taken off an electronic appliance. As a way of making their debut at this year's Geneva motor show, Aston Martin have announced the official name of their hypercar project: Meet the Valkyrie.

Taking its name after female figures in Norse Mythology that decide who lives and dies in battle, the Valkyrie falls right into the Aston Martin nomenclature of having all its high performance vehicles start with the letter 'V'. With a name that evokes elegance and supernatural prowess, the Valkyrie will certainly stand out in name – and hopefully in performance – among its hypercar contemporaries.



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