With the new Honda Civic Type R being a highly anticipated car at this year’s Geneva motor show, plenty are eager to see how the hot hatch will look in its latest iteration. It appears the hype for the new Type R is well warranted as photos of the new Civic have been leaked prior to its debut on the Geneva floor.

Geneva 2017: Civic Type R leaked ahead of debut

If these are indeed photos of the production version Type R, it’s good to know that Honda have pretty much stuck to the look of the prototype vehicle. From the striking aero pieces all the way down to its triple tip center exhaust, it’s safe to say the Civic Type R will live up to everyone’s expectations in the aesthetic department. Differentiating this production model from the prototype though is the fact that this particular version is already running the signature Type R color – Championship White. Also, the exhaust tips are made out of stainless steel instead of having red rings on the prototype.

The new Civic Type R will still be powered by a 2.0L VTEC motor paired with a turbocharger. As is the case for all Type Rs, the powertrain will make use of a six-speed manual transmission. Production of the new Type R will likely kick off on the summer of 2017 at Honda of the UK’s Manufacturing plant in Swindon.