More often than not, cars that are two to three years down the line receive a mid-cycle refresh or a facelift, as more commonly known. Infiniti's best-selling model, the Q50, has just undergone it, but rather than changing the exterior extensively, Nissan's luxury brand opted for a more conservative approach.

At the front, the lower part of the bumper receives a revised lower and side air-intakes with revised day-time running lights. The grill has also been enhanced, having a deeper detailing to the mesh pattern. New LED headlights also offer better visibility.

Infiniti Q50

Towards the rear, new slimmer LED taillights derived from the Q60 are equipped to match the new headlights. Again, the lower part of the rear bumper has been re-designed and now features a diffuser as well.

To further separate the performance and standard variants of the Q50, the Sport and Red Sport 400 models receive a more aggressive and angular front bumper, having wider air intakes and a more prominent diffuser. As Infiniti says, the aggressive bumpers allows for a more obvious difference among the trim lines.

Infiniti Q50 interior

Inside, the interior bits has been also been updated. A new steering wheel inspired by the Q60 along with a redesigned leather shift knob. The “spinal support seats” makes life easier for passengers. Further differentiating the Red Sport 400 model is the red stitching along with a matte chrome finish trim around the gauges.

The powertrain of the updated Q50 is the same as the previous. It does however now feature Infiniti's ProPilot self-driving technology. As of the moment, the system only has limited engagement such as use in slow-moving and stop-go traffic. Expect Infiniti to further improve their autonomous driving technology in the future, with the ProPilot system as their stepping stone.